HPW's Freeware-Extensions for newLISP

newLISP is a small but powerfull programming enviroment for different OS.
Since I joined the party in 09.2002, great improvments take place in newLISP.
Click on the top left logo to learn more about newLISP!
Here you can find some information about my newLISP freeware-extensions (WIN)!
Starting to learn delphi for development let me do some plugins which
may be usefull for other newLISP user's. So here you can get them as freeware.

Plugin: hpwNewLisp for neobook (Details on the neobook-plugin page)

Doc Tool: nlIEstarter (Release: 1.0 on 17.8.2007)

Extension: hpwNLUtility (Release: 1.03 on 11.3.2004)

Extension: hpwNLAutoItDll (Release: 1.0 on 31.12.2003)

Extension: hpwNLQuickPDF (Release: 1.01 on 29.2.2004)