Plugin: hpwRemote

Here is a Remote-plugin for multiple neobook-apps.

Here is release 1.14: 392 KB


New upload(01.11.2013)

Plugins are now uncompressed without upx-compression.

Release 1.14:(19.08.2009)

Recompiled without Win32.Induc delphi virus

Release 1.13:(31.05.2009)

Changed the used runtime-packer for a better vista and IE8-compatibility.

Release 1.12:(2.01.2009)

Changed compiler to delphi 7

Wizards now compatibel look with neobook 5.6

Release 1.11:(27.01.2008)

All commands wizards show the exact command in the wizards dialog caption.

All commands wizards show the command, plugin-name and the command-hint similar to neobook's native commands.

Removed some designtime-related code from NBR which results in a slightly smaller size.

New upload 1.10b:(12.3.2007)

Standalone nbSend.EXE to send strings to a app with a listener-port via commandline.

Release 1.10:(3.3.2007)

Actions: hpwRemoteCreateListener - Create a listener-object to get remote-strings.

Action: hpwRemoteDeleteListener - Remove a listener-object from neobook app.

Standalone nbStart.EXE to launch/update a neobook app with a listener-port.
(Use resourcehacker to edit the resource 'START' to match your own new filename and titlestring)

2 new Demo-pubs: and

Release 1.09:(20.1.2007)

Using NB 5.5.3 new privat variable to publish the DLL-name.

Release 1.08:(16.10.2006)

Bugfix for TaskBarClickAndRestoreOnTop for About-dialog and command wizards

Release 1.07:(07.10.2006)

Command wizards for all commands

Release 1.06:(05.05.2005)

Action: hpwRemotePlayActionHandle - Play a neobook action from String in another neobook app. by handle

Action: hpwRemoteSetFocusHandle - Set Focus to a neobook app. by handle

Release 1.05:(05.05.2005)

Direct newLISP-interface.

Release 1.04:(04.12.2004)

Added hpwRemote.ini in plugin-directory to be able to translate plugin comments.
This allow multilanguage use of the plugin in the NB-IDE.

Release 1.03:(30.03.2003)

Action: hpwRemoteCreateReceiver - Added password parameter to allow to only accept messages with correct password.

Action: hpwRemoteIsRunning - Check a neobook app if it is running.

Release 1.02:(29.03.2003)

Action: hpwRemoteDeleteReceiver - Remove a receiver-object from neobook app.

Action: hpwRemoteSetFocus - Set Focus to a neobook app.

Release 1.01:(29.03.2003)

Changed Action: hpwRemoteCreateReceiver - Rectangle parameter removed

Plugin renamed to hpwRemote101.nbp

Initial Release 1.0:(28.03.2003)

Actions: hpwRemoteCreateReceiver - Create a receiver-object to get remote-actions.

Actions: hpwRemotePlayAction - Play a neobook action from String in another neobook app.