Plugin: hpwDCR

Here is a plugin to use Digital Character Recognition in neobook.
It is derived from Delphi DCR by Theo Zacharias.
It uses a standard backpropagation neural net object for character recognition

Here is release 1.02: 1435 KB


Changes Release 1.02:(11.12.2016)

New Variable: [hpwDCRFontSmoothing] - Detection of system setting for fontsmoothing on startup.

New Variable: [hpwDCRCleartype] - Detection of system setting for cleartype on startup.

New upload(01.11.2013)

Plugins are now uncompressed without upx-compression.

Changes Release 1.01:(6.09.2009)

Change: hpwDcrLoadKnowledgebase - now supports loading knowledgebase from [Embedded].

Change: hpwDcrLoadPicture - now supports loading picture from [MimeStream].

Initial Release 1.0:(4.09.2009)


hpwDcrCreate=Create a DCR-window.
hpwDcrRemove=Remove a DCR-window and knowledge-base.
hpwDcrLoadKnowledgebase=Load a knowledgebase with parameters into DCR-window.
hpwDcrLoadPicture=Load a picture into DCR-window.
hpwDcrRecognize=Rocognize the text in loaded picture and save to variable.