Plugin: hpwRuby

Here is a plugin to use Ruby (msvcrt-ruby18.dll) in neobook.

Here is release 1.03b: 1672 KB


New upload 1.03b(11.12.2016)

New ruby demo-code provided by Reinier Maliepaard and a doku in \ruby_1_8_6_core\index.html

New upload 1.03a(22.10.2016)

New provided by Reinier Maliepaard with more ruby samples.

Changes Release 1.03:(12.10.2016)

Bugfix: No more crash for ruby code without return-value

New upload(01.11.2013)

Plugins are now uncompressed without upx-compression.

Changes Release 1.02:(19.08.2009)

Recompiled without Win32.Induc delphi virus

Changes Release 1.01:(28.04.2009)

3 new callback-function exported from the plugin to allow ruby to call neobook
neobookPlayAction, neobookGetVar and neobookSetVar (See demo how to use them in ruby)

Initial Release 1.0:(21.04.2009)


hpwRubyConnect = Connect to the ruby-interpreter-DLL.
hpwRubyEval = Call a ruby-function and get a console-output and a return-string.