Plugin: hpwSendKeys

For the first project I have put some free stuff together to a tiny plugin.

Now here is release 1.24 / 1.01: 662 KB


Changes hpwSendKeys 1.24 hpwSendKeys32 1.01:(04.06.2016)

BugFix: hpwGetProcessList - Returns now 'No filepath' when API-call GetModuleFileNameEx returns an error

New upload(01.11.2013)

Plugins are now uncompressed without upx-compression.

Changes hpwSendKeys 1.23:(18.03.2012)

Action: hpwGetWindowRect - Get the rectange of a window from its handle.

Changes hpwSendKeys 1.22:(17.03.2012)

Action: hpwFocusWindow - Sets the focus to a window by its handle.

Action: hpwClickMouse - Simulates mouseclick at screen-position X/Y. Left/Middle/Right/Double supported.

Action: hpwSetMousePos - Set mousecursor to screen-position X/Y.

Action: hpwGetMousePos - Get mousecursor posx and posy from screen-position X/Y.

Changes hpwSendKeys 1.21:(03.01.2010)

Lib from hpwSendKeys32 intergrated in hpwSendKeys so both modes can used at runtime

Variable [hpwSendKeysMode32] set to "1" switches to hpwSendKeys32 lib.

Variable [hpwSendKeys32Wait] set to "1" enables the wait mode between sended keys.
(Waitmode was enabled by default before)

New alternative version hpwSendKeys32 1.0:(01.01.2010)

Compiled with an alternative Sendkey-lib to support different features.

Changes 1.20:(19.08.2009)

Recompiled without Win32.Induc delphi virus

Changes 1.19:(31.5.2009)

Changed the used runtime-packer for a better vista and IE8-compatibility.

Changes 1.18:(27.12.2008)

Changed compiler to delphi 7

Wizards now compatibel look with neobook 5.6

Changes 1.17:(29.8.2008)

Bugfixes for window handles > 32 Bit

Changes 1.16:(18.1.2008)

All commands wizards show the exact command in the wizards dialog caption.

All commands wizards show the command, plugin-name and the command-hint similar to neobook's native commands.

Removed some designtime-related code from NBR which results in a slightly smaller size.

Changes 1.15:(18.8.2007)

Action:hpwFindWindows arrays now also contain all window titles and process-id's (See variables in debugger)

Changes 1.14:(29.3.2007)

Action:hpwFindWindows find all top-level-windows with a substring of the caption and optional class-name.

Changes 1.13:(20.1.2007)

Bugfix: hpwKillProcessName's command wizards show only 2 parameters instead of 3.

Changes 1.12:(19.1.2007)

Using NB 5.5.3 new privat variable to publish the DLL-name.

Changes 1.11:(16.10.2006)

Bugfix for TaskBarClickAndRestoreOnTop for About-dialog and command wizards

Changes 1.10:(02.09.2006)

Minor tweaks at wizard 'hpwSetWindowPos' and the About-Dialog

Changes 1.09:(05.08.2006)

Added command wizards in NBP

Added 'About' dialog

Added hpwSendKeys.ini support for language strings

Added newLISP direct interface

Changes 1.08:(29.06.2006)

Action: hpwKillProcessId - Renamed from hpwKillProcess

Action: hpwKillProcessName - Kill all instances of process-name or process-names in list.

Changes 1.07:(27.03.2006)

Action: hpwGetProcessList - Fix for a memory leak

Action:hpwKillProcess - Kill one or more process-id (delimited by choosable delimiter)

Changes 1.06:(25.11.2005)

Action:hpwGetProcessList - Now a list of running processes with filename|PID|path\filename.

Changes 1.05:(23.11.2005)

Action:hpwGetProcessList - Get a list of running processes (filename/PID).

Action:hpwKillProcess - Kill a running processes by process-id.

Changes 1.04:(06.05.2005)

Action:hpwSetTransparent - Set window-transparence by handle. (>= WIN2K)

Changes 1.03:(05.05.2005)

Action:hpwGetParent - Get a parent-handle of a window-handle.

Action:hpwSetParent - Set a parent-handle of a window-handle.

Action:hpwSetWindowPos - Set a window-pos, size and topmost-status via API by handle.

Changes 1.02:(16.02.2005)

Bugfix: hpwSendKeysToTitle and hpwSendKeysToHandle disable
the caps-lock when it is activ as long as keys are send.

Changes 1.01:(14.02.2004)

Action:hpwFindAWindow find a top-level-window with a substring of the caption and optional class-name.

Initial Release 1.0:(XX.07.2002)

Example 1:

hpwSendKeysToHandle "[Result1]" "123[#13]"

where [Result1] is a handle from ronnies rtGetAppHandle and it sends a 123+return

Example 2:

hpwSendKeysToTitle "Calculator" "456"

The window title must be an exact match.

The plugin does not provide a translation like neossoft "sendkeys" for special Keys.

But it is small and free! And I hope that ronnie or dave come up with a better solution.

The stuff support some value's for special keys:

BKSP = #8;
TAB = #9;
ENTER = #13;
ESC = #27;
ADD = #107;
SUB = #109;
F1 = #228;
F2 = #229;
F3 = #230;
F4 = #231;
F5 = #232;
F6 = #233;
F7 = #234;
F8 = #235;
F9 = #236;
F10 = #237;
F11 = #238;
F12 = #239;
HOME = #240;
END = #241;
UP = #242;
DOWN = #243;
LEFT = #244;
RIGHT = #245;
PGUP = #246;
PGDN = #247;
INS = #248;
DEL = #249;
SHIFT_DN = #250;
SHIFT_UP = #251;
CTRL_DN = #252;
CTRL_UP = #253;
ALT_DN = #254;
ALT_UP = #255;

It remains a problem with ASCII values >=228 (like german ).
In this area are the constants for the functionkeys mapped.